I Bought my First Made-to-Measure Suit

Here’s why I may never buy a suit off-the-rack again.


Photo by Javier Reyes on Unsplash

Fitting More Than Just My Measurements

Fit is about more than just making sure the sleeves are the right length and the chest is not too tight. My tailor made sure that everything about the suit fit me, and fit what I needed the suit for. For example, the retailer offered three different shoulder options, part of the suit I didn’t even know I could customize. Even with identical measurements, these three shoulder options would fit differently.

It’s all in the Details

Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

Is a made-to-measure suit for you?

I’ll be honest, as much as I love my new made-to-measure suit, I don’t think this type of suit is for everybody.

Photo by Gabriel Tovar on Unsplash

Justin Draper is a writer, musician, animal lover, political watcher and pun enthusiast from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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