An Empty Breast Pocket is a Wasted Opportunity

Why everyone should wear a pocket square

The Square/Presidential Fold

The Square/Presidential Fold

This clean, crisp fold goes great in a formal setting.

The Puff Fold

The Puff Fold

Not quite as formal as the square/presidential fold, this fold is great with a blazer, and showcases patterns.

Plain White

The plain white pocket square is a simple accent piece that goes best with a white shirt. It’s classy, timeless and sets your suit-and-tie combination apart from everyone else in the room. Fold it in a square and tuck it in, and you’re ready to take on the world.

Simple Colour

Take a look at your wardrobe and see what colours you tend to wear. For most people, there are a lot of blues and grey. Start there with your pocket square collection, a simple colour that accents as much of your wardrobe as possible.

Simple Pattern

Patterns are where pocket squares really start to shine, especially if you tend to stick to solids in your jackets and shirts. Try polka dots, stripes, even flowers.

Justin Draper is a writer, musician, animal lover, political watcher and pun enthusiast from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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